10 ways to increase your PC speed

10 ways to increase your PC speed

1. Increase your RAM(Random Access Memory)size. If you increase the memory size the PC speed will increased automatically. 1 GB is enough for normal PC.
2. Remove the unwanted soft wares. If you buy new PC remove unnecessary built-in software. If you need that soft wares in rare cases copy to CD/DVD and burn them.
3. If you use more than one browsers like Firefox, Chrome or IE, uninstall all of them excluding one.
4. Install Only one instant messenger like  digsby( http://www.digsby.com/ ).Avoid using more than one chatting messengers like g-talk, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger.
5. In the time of booting lot of soft wares also start up automatically. It reduces the PC speed automatically. That type of cases we can use http://www.revouninstaller.com/.
6. Download Start up Delayer and remove all auto loading soft wares.
7. Windows user always know about the troubles created by animation. It also reduces the PC speed. Right click to My Computer click to advanced tab settings ---> Performance--->disable to Animate Windows When minimizing and maximizing setting. Then Disable to unwanted settings.
8. Remove all shortcuts in desktops and also delete unnecessary icons in desktop. It will increase the PC speed.
9. All PC should need Anti Virus ,Anti Firewall and anti spyware. We should renewal them adequately.
10. If one PC doesn't connect to the internet and also if it does not allow the CD,DVD and pen drive, its speed will be 3 times more than normal one.


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