Importance of Websie online SEO / SEM

Search Engine Optimization / Management

Most of people doesn't know the importance of seo / sem benefits. They have concentrated only creating the website. But they haven’t sufficient knowledge of how can use that website and how can earn from that site.

What is SEO ..?

It is the method to increase the website ranking around the search engine.There are  number of sites available in the internet.The websites always became in front of search engines through by clicking of the visitors.Most of the users has no direct knowledge of  websites.Search engines help them to get the knowledge from required URL. The powerful search engine are "google, bing, yahoo" and thousands of search engines are there.

Search Engines are very helpful when the people needs some information without URL address. In that time search engines give a lot of offers to them.It shows page by page results through required links. But most of 83% of people would like to clicking the first page results only.If they doesnt get the information then only they skipped to other pages.So If your website needs more hit and if u want to increase the traffic in your website? SEO will done all these jobs when your website has to registered or submitted.

yah! a cute example for search engine intimation

    A Big  departmental store and salesman are the very good example for search engines work.The visitors first come and ask their needs to salesman. Then salesman has searched and fulfilled their customers needs. In the same way a search engine that searches for sites based on the words that we designate as search terms.Search engines look their own database information in order to find what it is that we are looking for.

Here Salesman will be act as a search engine and labels  are  will be like the keywords. website are the products. site creators first have to submitted their websites like all  things are to be kept in the departmental store.


Now, You can start to booking your site with SEO


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