Some Amazings about Human body

Some Amazings about Human body

At the age of 21 the growth of human body will lie down. But the Ears will grew until the death. If the life time of humans have to extended up to thousands of years,the ears will grew like the ears of baby elephant.

The average number of hairs on the human body are above 5 millions. In the absence of hair on the body is only palm and the foot.Then next let we know about human's eyes.In day time we blink thousands of time,excluding the night time fifty percent of day time  we close the eyes due to blinking.

Do you know one thing ? The strongest point of our body is our teeth enamel. It is very stronger than tusks of the elephant. The different kinds of work can be handled by our hands. It is very powerful weapon, It can handled the work that cannot be ignored.When we take the small things from the surface,thirty joints and 50 muscles start to begin. 

Next we have wonderful foot !! Ya it gets the space of 1/3 of 1 square feet but it carry over up to 100kgs body weight till our last days.

Last but not least!! Next we are going to know about heart of our body. It is contracting about millions times per day and four billions times a year. The right side of the heart is slightly larger than the left side.


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