Three Richest Youths Who Keep The World In Their Hands 2013

Now let we know about 3 youngsters who have proven that incredible power of youth and even youngsters will win the world!!.These victors have no background but today they are measuring the sky by their self confidence.

They fought without any hesitation then today they are in the list of world richest people and these achievers are the very youngest people in that list. First we know about

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is one of the founder of famous search engine named as Google.

Age : 39

Net worth of his property : $ 22.8 Billions

He is main driving force behind the Google search engine system.Still google can cause many changes day by day,he has the important role in that changes.

Larry Page

The another founder of Google search engine is Larry page.basically he is the software engineer.His algorithm has capability to make it as easy to all people in the internet

Age : 39

Net worth of his property : $ 23 Billions

Lorry page's down lines and staffs always like to work with him.He always realized their feelings and mind-setup. Depending upon these he has changed the office atmosphere as big game tool.

Mark Zuckerberg

The site which gives the headache to google search engine named as facebook. Facebook is one of the social network introduced by Mark Zuckerberg which connects the people. Facebook is one of the reason for the growth of internet.

Age : 28

Net worth of his Property : $ 13.3 Billions
First we should hands off to Mr.Mark for introducing the facebook. Through facebook we can comment our own thoughts independently about world day to day happens and world politics.It has created social awareness to the world people.


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