How to avoid Smart Phone Hanging Problem - Smart Phone Tips

     Normaly, Many of users hate them smart phones because of hanging problem.
when lot of application using your phone the mobile catches are increasing high. Here you get some of smart ideas and do it properly to avoid smart phone hanging problems.

Tip #1

  • To delete catches and Uninstal unneccery applications in your smart phone apps
Tip #2
  • Ugrate your Mobile Processor 1.2GHz or above. RAM 1GP
Tip #3
  • Messages, whatsapp chats types of catches content must be delete if that you can't need. 
Tip #4
  • Instal New Apps form SD card. Kindly ignore to instal mobile memorry

Tip #5
  • Monthly once may reset your phone settings. befor must confirm your backups are downloded.
Tips #6
  • Change your photos, video upload cokkies to your pendrive storage
Tips #7
  • Avoid to maintaine shortcut in front of your mobile screen
Tips #8
  • Instal only Authorised apps in your Playstore
Tip #9
  • Use Mobile Cleaaning apps
Tips #10
  • Update your mobile software regularly


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